Hi, I'm Jaz

also known as HYPE GIRL JAZ, your ultimate culture creator, photographer, & brand strategist.

I have always had a passion to help build a brand but as I look back it's always been about the relationships. The power behind the people, which is inspiring! Everyone was created so uniquely, yes, that includes YOU! That is something to be celebrated.

Here at Build Your Hype you'll find encouragement & tips to help you take your business to the next level!

Together let's break the trend of making yourself feel smaller to make others feel comfortable. YOU were born to SHINE!

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I'm on a mission to help businesses find what makes them stand out from the crowd!

Let's talk about the hype you want to create to share your story/brand! Contact me to book your FREE Empowerment call!


Lifestyle Photography

Seniors, kids, families - all the real life moments you want to remember.

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Branding & Social Media Strategy

Helping take your business to the next level with branding photos & strategy!

Event Services

Want to offer photography sessions at an event?
Needing a guest speaker?

Let's discuss the details!

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